Mobilitysound BTH-600-F90-L0
  • Mobilitysound BTH-600-F90-L0

Mobilitysound BTH-600-F90-L0

€ 179,37

Heavy duty bluetooth speaker microphone for iOS and Android

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HEAVY DUTY Bluetooth speaker microphone, remote speaker mic with built-in wireless PTT. Includes charger and charging cable.


The BTH-600 is more robust and weather resistant than other similar Bluetooth speaker mics.  More than 40 hours of talk time (30 days of standby), easy pairing, no connectivity loss, and fully functional PTT. 


Compatible with Zello, Easy-Talk, Talk IP, Group Talk, Tassta, ...


  • Great sounding transmit and receive audio, just like the wired version!
  • Dust/weather/rain resistant to IP56 levels.
  • Noise canceling microphone element.
  • Typical operation range: 10 meters
  • Talk time: 40+ hours. Standby 30 days.
  • Simple operation, power and PTT switches and volume UP/DOWN.
  • Built-in 3.5mm earphone jack 
  • For iOS and Android
Referentie BTH-600-F90-L0