Inrico T710A
  • Inrico T710A

Inrico T710A

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Affordable and Valuable 4G Portable POC Radio.

Every necessary feature and function has been thoughtfully considered in this device, T710A combines instant communication and multimedia applications. Over 4G and WLAN networks, this radio is compact and slim, boast loud and clear audio, intuitive operation, location sharing, instant messaging, and long battery life. Compatible with the Android system, it is a cost-effective choice for business users like supermarkets, hotels, logistics, industrial parks, urban and property management, etc.

Affordable and Valuable – designed specifically for business and organisations that need a reliable, easy-to-use communication tool, this radio is featured with “necessity and value” and provides necessary and valuable functions for daily and mission-critical use to improve performance and safety at affordable cost.

Push-to-Talk, Millisecond Response - The device offers instantaneous one-to-one and one-to-many voice communication. Unlike general radios, it enables users to instantly and easily speak their minds without words losing, and no need to wait for a “beep beep” to respond, which ensures instant and smooth communication, especially during an emergency.

Android platform with Open App Ecosystem - With its open app platform, users can access any app in the Google Play Store. It is affordable enough to allow you to outfit the entire team with efficient and smart tools.


  • Connect Anytime and Anywhere – this device supports seamless communication anywhere with 3G/4G/WLAN/Bluetooth coverage
  • Precise Positioning - the radio provides positioning services by using GPS.
  • Small and Lightweight – it is easie to carry, hold and use in one hand 
  • Superior Audio Quality – with large speakers and louder, clearer audio with receive and transmit quality – this device allows your team to hear and be heard in any environment you do business
  • User-friendly Buttons and Accessories Connection – dedicated PTT, programmable buttons are put rightly at users’ fingertips. Abundant auxiliary connections like earphone, Type-C, multi-unit charger, etc.
  • Large Battery Capacity, Power for Multiple Shifts - 4000mAh high-capacity battery support long time working and standby, to let your device stay in the field as long as your team does and be handed over from shift to shift without charging
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