Yaesu CT-133
  • Yaesu CT-133
  • Yaesu CT-133

Yaesu CT-133

€ 65,07

GPS Extension Cable for FGPS-2 & FTM-350R

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The CT-133 extension cable allows you to connect the optional external GPS Antenna (FGPS-2) to the transceiver, where the optional internal GPS Antenna (FGPS-1) can not adequately receive the GPS Satellite signals.

This accessory can only be used with the FTM-350 Transceiver.

For connecting the Optional FGPS-2 GPS Antenna (CT-136 External GPS Adapter is required).

This cable is 6 metres long, and connects to the back of the Front Panel/Display of the FTM-350.

Referentie CT-133