SSB Ecoflex 15Plus
  • SSB Ecoflex 15Plus

SSB Ecoflex 15Plus

€ 13,50

Professionele 50 Ohm coax kabel


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The high flexibility of Ecoflex 15 PLUS is ensured by using a 7-core stranded inner

conductor made of aluminium with a welded copper outer shield layer. The inner

conductor is compressed, calibrated and subsequently pre-coated, to get good values

for loss and matching.

Ecoflex 15 PLUS has double shielding: An overlapping copper foil with PE coating to

prevent tearing and a overlying copper braid guarantee a high shielding value

of > 90 dB at 1 GHz. 

The black outer coating of Ecoflex 15 PLUS is UV-stabilized.

Ecoflex 15 PLUS is a state of the art coaxial cable for all applications in the field of

high frequency RF telecommunications: It is low-loss, flexible, and suitable for use

right up into the microwave range.

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