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Yuneec ST16S
  • Yuneec ST16S
  • Yuneec ST16S
  • Yuneec ST16S
  • Yuneec ST16S

Yuneec ST16S

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ST16S Transmitter (H520, EU Version)

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The ST16S Ground Station is an all-inclusive transmitter and receiver that gives you full control over the H520 during flight, allowing users to capture photos and video with great ease. With a large 7-inch integrated screen, the Android-based ST16S controller displays real-time footage of your flight, eliminating the need for an external device. You can also use the ST16S as a mission planner. Plan your flight using the touch screen, and execute your mission with just a single press of a button.


If you want to use 'Team Mode' with a pilot and a cameraman, you need a second ST16S for the cameraman so he can control all the camera functions.


Specifications :


Operating System: Android™
Number of Channels: 16
Transmission Distance Range (Optimum Conditions): Up to 1,6 km
Battery: 8700mAh 3,6V 31,32Wh Li-Ion
Video Link Resolution: HD 720p
Video Link Frequency Band: 5,8 GHz WiFi
Display Screen: 7"
Tactile and Audio Feedback: Yes
Telemetry Data on Screen: Yes
Connection Types: 1x HDMI, 2x USB, 1x head phone
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