Standard Horizon SSM-71H
  • Standard Horizon SSM-71H

Standard Horizon SSM-71H

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Wireless Remote Access Microphone GX-6000E, GX-6500E

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Wireless RAM4W Command Mic for use with the SCU-30 wireless access point. 

Wirelessly control all radio functions of the GX6000 with the interface of the RAM4W wireless Remote Access Microphone. Using the SCU-30 Wireless Access Point plugged into the back of the radio, you have the capability of syncing up to 4 RAM4W units. With an operating range of up to 20 meters, the RAM4W allows you to control all Radio functions including DSC Calling, Position Polling, Group Calling and more, or use the RAM4W to intercom between the main station or between other wireless RAM4W units. 

SCU-30 needed !

Referentie SSM-71H

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