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LDG FT Meter

LDG - FT MeterA low-cost, plug-and-play solution to all your FT metering needs.

The FT-Meter presents a lush, highly readable 2.5" meter face with calibrated scales for signal strength and discriminator reading on receive, and power output, SWR, modulation, ALC action and supply voltage on transmit.

Each function is selectable from the radio's menu.

Easily visible from anywhere on your desk or dash, the FT-Meter is illuminated by any external 12 vdc source.

The FT-Meter comes fully assembled and ready to go; just plug it into the radio and you're in the picture like never before.

  • Receive: S-Meter, Discriminator or Voltage
  • Transmit: RF Power, SWR, Modulation, ALC or Voltage
  • Cable length 3 feet
  • Sensitive 500 uA meter movement
  • Externally powered cool blue backlighting
  • On/Off switch for backlight.
  • Backlighting requires 11 to 15 volts, 100 mA
  • Size: 3.6W x 3.0 D x 2.6H inches
  • Weight: 0.5 lb.
  • For use with FT-857(D) and FT-897(D) only.