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Acom 2000SW

Acom - 2000SWRemote 10-way Antenna Switch

Technische ficheHandleiding

The ACOM 2000SW is a rugged, high-performance coaxial antenna switch for commercial and amateur applications.

The switch is a single-pole, 10-position coaxial design, intended to quickly and automatically select from multiple antennas or other RF loads.

The switch can handle up to 5kW, and operate at VSWR as high as 3:1 (at reduced power).

The unit is designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Advanced mechanical design shields the 2000SW internal circuitry and high-speed relays from the elements.

Fully protected against a variety of adverse conditions including antenna mismatch, hot-switching and lightning, the ACOM 2000SW is the ideal solution for safe remote switching of multiple antennas.