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Acom 1200S

Acom - 1200SLinear amplifier HF160-10M-6M + warc

The newest amplifier from ACOM and Solid State, so no tubes but with the same efficiency!

  • Power: 1200Watt
  • Input 50 Watt drive output 1200Watts+on all the bands
  • Input 20 Watt drive output 700 Watts
  • Frequency:1,8~54MHz
  • On/Off switch on the rear from the Acom
  • Standby switch on the front from the Acom
  • High resolution display 5":800x480 pixels and  24-bits colors
  • Intermod:30dB
  • Harmonic supperession better than 60db (65db nominal)
  • Mosfet Transistors:BLF188xr
  • RF Gain: 13db
  • Antenne Output: 1x SO239
  • Antenne Input:50 Ohm
  • Antenne Input: 1x SO239
  • Connector: RS-232 for remotely controlled by interface
  • Connector: CAT/AUX
  • Connector: KEY IN
  • Connector: KEY OUT
  • Current :110~220~230~240Volt
  • Size: 162mmx418mmx372mm
  • Weight: 12kg (24lbs)