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Licentievrij : Transceivers

Hytera PD505LF

Hytera - PD505LF

DMR and analog PMR446 radio

Hytera TC320

Hytera - TC320

Cost-efficient, license-free hand-held mobile radio.

Hytera TC446S

Hytera - TC446S

Enjoy charge-free communication easily.

Icom IC-F29SR

Icom - IC-F29SR

Professional PMR446 Licence Free Two Way Radio

Inrico T320

Inrico - T320

SIM Walkie Talkie with color touchscreen 3G/4G

Inrico TM-7 Plus

Inrico - TM-7 Plus

Mobile SIM radio with Wifi and Bluetooth

Kenwood PKT-23

Kenwood - PKT-23

ProTalk LT PMR446 Pocket-Sized Business Two Way Radio

Kenwood TK-3501

Kenwood - TK-3501

PMR446 FM Portable Radio

Kenwood TK-3601D

Kenwood - TK-3601D

Compact PMR446/dPMR446 Digital/FM Portable Radio 

Kenwood TK-3701D

Kenwood - TK-3701D

Digital / Analog license free radio

Motorola CLP446

Motorola - CLP446

On-Site Business Two-Way Radio

Entel HT952

Entel - HT952

Niet meer verkrijgbaarPMR446 ATEX Submersible radio

Hytera Power446

Hytera - Power446

Niet meer verkrijgbaarLicense-free Radio With Power446, you can enjoy charge-free communication easily.

Icom IC-F4029SDR

Icom - IC-F4029SDR

Niet meer verkrijgbaarProfessional Digital Licence Free Transceiver

Inrico T199

Inrico - T199

Niet meer verkrijgbaarEverywhere SIM Walkie Talkie

Kenwood TK-3301

Kenwood - TK-3301

Niet meer verkrijgbaarPMR446 FM Portable Radio

Kenwood TK-3401D

Kenwood - TK-3401D

Niet meer verkrijgbaarUHF digital transceiver featuring digital dPMR446 and analogue PMR446 communications Replaced by TK-3701D

Kenwood UBZ-LJ8

Kenwood - UBZ-LJ8

Niet meer verkrijgbaarPMR446 Consumer FM Transceiver

Midland GB1

Midland - GB1

Niet meer verkrijgbaarFirst mobile / fixed PMR446 transceiver (Only for export ! Not allowed in Belgium)

Vertex Standard VX-241

Vertex Standard - VX-241

Niet meer verkrijgbaarUHF 16-channel economical licence free radio